From the biggest seafood market in the world to Bangkok’s premium artisans, Pesca’s philosophy is entirely based on providing the finest products thanks to partnerships with passionate men and women. Inspired by Cocotte Farm Roast & Winery’s wholeheartedness, diversity and quality are the heart and soul of Pesca.
There are no limits to Pesca’s quest to finding the most qualitative products. Even if it means to source our goods on the other side of the planet, nothing can stop the team’s will to provide the freshest fish & seafood to the restaurant’s table. Speaking of which, the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo, Japan, is the perfect location.
And for the cold cuts, Pesca headed to La Boqueria in Barcelona, Spain and the well-known Rungis Market in Paris, France. For other products such as beef, is sourced all the way from Rangers Valley farm in Australia, bringing high quality meat for you to enjoy.
And let’s not forget one of Pesca’s key features: the cheese room. The room will house a beautiful and large variety of smelly goodness, with the cheeses supplied by Beillevaire, a French cheese specialist.
Of course, all the while creating an exotic balance with local artisans such as Sloane’s butchery, whose ethical and sustainable philosophy coincides with Pesca’s vision.
Furthermore, thanks to the mutual trust of brands such as Campo Viejo, brought all of our partnerships to a whole new level.