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Jériko Van Der Wolf

Jériko Van Der Wolf joined the circle of the Bangkok’s greatest chefs since he arrived in Thailand in 2015.
The one who was elected « Best French Apprentice » in 2011 recently participated to Iron Chef Thailand against Chef Ian. Jériko, who is now 24 years old, started his career very young: at 18 years old, he was already working with « MOF » Chefs in Michelin starred restaurants in France. From « L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon » to the 3 starred restaurant « Regis and Jacques Marcon », Jériko acquired a very gastronomic background that he now uses for Pesca.
He expresses his talent using the finest ingredients and local products to find the perfect match with the animal cuts used everyday at Pesca, with a combination of classic and modern inspiration. Simplicity remains the root of Jériko’s cooking style, as he likes to quote Curnonsky “In cuisine, as in all the arts, simplicity is the sign of perfection”.
Seen as one of the most talented young Chef in Thailand, Jériko continuously challenges himself by always looking for the best products, from the deepest parts of Chiang Mai’s jungle, to the depths of the ocean.
A true perfectionist and passionate about food, Jériko presents a back-to-basic cooking style of what he actually loves to eat: « You know, ever since I was a child, I always loved roasted chicken… To the point where I nearly got one tattooed on my arm! »

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Marco Pacetta

The name Marco Pacetta rings a bell within the foodies community of Bangkok City. It’s been more than ten years that he had started to pursue his dream of becoming a Chef. This native-born Napolitano never stopped spending his time in the kitchens of gastronomic legends. From Guy Savoy (1 Michelin Star), Alain Sanderens & Lucas Carton (2 Michelin Stars) to Gordon Ramsey (3 Michelin Stars) or Hélène Darroze (1 Michelin Star) -just to name a few ; Marco built himself an incredible technical background that he now shares in Thailand. Even in Asia, the 34 years old Chef keeps on learning new ways, as he encounters different cultures and new mentors such as Chef Ian Kittichai who successfully introduced him to Thai cuisine (at Issaya Siamese Club, n°21 Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2017).

Through his past experience, Marco developed the skill of "finding the perfect balance" in every dish, all the while staying true to his mediterranean cultural identity: "Italian cuisine is in my spirit, in my heart, in my palate, embellished by the French techniques". Chef Marco finds in Pesca the inspiration that gave birth to his passion : a world tour of the freshest markets to find various and premium products. "Pesca’s menu shows variety and authenticity, and it's a place where you can find the finest products from every continent. I see it as a cosmopolite restaurant. A little bit like Bangkok, it’s a wonderful melting-pot".